Using PLR Research For Creating New Ebooks And Software

Using PLR Research For Creating New Ebooks And Software

Many Internet Marketers know the value
of PLR article packs and how to modify and use them to their
advantage. They know that the “value” is in the actual research
that has already been done for you – thus saving you tons of time!

Research for articles isn’t the only
way to use PLR. You can purchase PLR ebooks and rewrite them.
Fancy them up – add current content and /or videos, – you can even
have it ghost written and, for a fraction of the cost of starting
from scratch, you have a brand new product of YOUR OWN to sell and
keep all of the profits from.

Even older PLR products have
value for the Internet Marketer. Maybe you come across a great
collection of scripts, but they are a little outdated and need
“refreshing”. For a small fee, you can easily find a “coder”
to rewrite the scripts for you so that they are more appropriate for
today. Since over one half of the work has already been done – you
shouldn’t have to pay much at all for this service. You can then turn
around and sell your scripts for a nice tidy profit. Maybe even get
affiliates to promote the product for you.

You can also follow the same procedure
for PLR software. Purchase PLR software and have someone
update it for you (Or do it yourself, of course, if you know how)!

There are quite a few PLR
article directories that you can also purchase. You can put
the article directory software on your own domain and begin accepting
article submissions. Add Google Adsense and you have a ready made
avenue of income. Add your own banners to the article directory
website – all leading to YOUR product and there’s another stream of
income. THEN sell ad space to other Internet Marketers and you’ll
have a third source of income.

Of course, you’ll have your own
articles posted on the site – for a fourth stream of income! The
possibilities are almost endless and it can be quite profitable –
with little or no “intervention” on your part. You can let your
site “simmer” while you work on even more projects!

As you can see, PLR products should not
just be gathering dust on your hard drive. Purchase some newer PLR or
dust the ones you have off and get started!

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