When we get serious disease, we have to spend lot of money to get cured. It is because we come to know about the disease on a later stage when it appears in our body. To know which disease you can face within coming 6 months, use aura photography. You can predict the disease well in advance and can take preventive steps.

In astrology, the future is predicted by looking at the lines on our palm. An astrologer can warn us about our future, but no one can strongly predict that what disease will affect us and when. However, in today’s modern era, partial information about the present and future health conditions can be obtained. This technology is called the bio-well camera. This camera is so powerful that it identifies the energy flowing inside our body and prepares as report of our health providing the information whether it is negative or positive.

                The master of doing the aura photography through the bio-well camera, Dr. J.M. Shah says that in this technology, we can understand the aura i.e., the radiance of our body just by placing the tip of our fingers one by one on the lens of a bio-well camera. If the body is completely fit then the aura is shown positive and if there is any problem or ailment in the body it shows a negative aura. If we catch common cold or fever, it can be treated in a day or two with medication, but if there is a serious disease then immediately, we are admitted in a hospital and lakhs of rupees are paid to the doctor.

                To escape from such a situation there is only one way: the bio-well camera. With its help we can get the finest details of our body and plan accordingly in advance. Nowadays, many people are suffering from serious diseases including cancer, TB, degeneration of the knee pad, kidney, heart etc. With it we can get the prior partial information well in time about such diseases of serious nature with the help of aura photography and save lakhs of rupees.

                If we look at it, aura photography is not new in India. This Russian technology is popular in the world and India for quite some time, but the people are not aware about it, hence this technology is not in enough use today. As a result, lot of precious time and money of all is wasted. This aura photography is so simple and comparatively economical that from the professor of a college to the chairman or secretary of a corporate office can setup for personal or public use. Even the educated housewives can use the bio-well camera more and more to keep a track of their own health as well as that of others.

                With the bio-well camera technology we can extract a prediction of the diseases that are likely to affect our body in future and we can recover from the big problems. If the radiance i.e., the aura cycle in and around the body is healthy or correct we can become healthy and active. If the body is healthy, we can perform whole-heartedly in our businesses or jobs.

                A famous doctor of Russia and Andheri, Dr. J.M. Shah is the introducer of bio-well camera in India. To attend his seminar, to learn the use of a bio-well cameraFree Articles, to buy it or to open a centre you can contact him at 91 9821055216.

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